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Welcome to Zamex, the flexible private air charter company based in Zambia, founded and run by ex-military officers with years of experience in the aviation industry. Our commitment to safety, efficiency, and professionalism is evident in every aspect of our operations, from our state-of-the-art Cessna 182 plane to our highly skilled crew.

Whether you require hour-building for pilots, corporate transport for executives, NGO support, air safaris around Africa, aerial surveillance & surveys, or air ambulance services, Zamex is a reliable partner for all your aviation needs. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service that exceeds your expectations, ensuring your journey is seamless, comfortable, and stress-free.

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Once you have your Private Pilot Licence, the next step to a Commercial Licence is to build your experience in the skies to reach a minimum of 200 hours.

Our beautiful Cessna 182 has a variable pitch propeller and avionics that include auto-pilot and two Garmin G5 instruments making it suitable for ILS landings and instrument ratings.

Our Chief Pilot and Operations Officer is an ex-ZAF pilot and qualified instructor so experienced assistance is always on-hand.

9J-NDH at Jeki


Zambia has some of the best unspoilt national parks for wildlife safari together with a wide variety of lodges and bush camps to accommodate you. It’s also a pretty large country meaning that getting to these parks is typically a day’s drive from Lusaka. 

Zamex offer a spectacular alternative of flying you there in a fraction of the time.

This gives you the opportunity to experience the scenery from a whole new perspective, spotting elephant and hippo in the rivers as you fly overhead.

We can arrange for you to hop from one national park to another – see Victoria Falls from the air then on to a safari in South Luangwa, or fishing on Lake Tanganyika.


Time is money. That is especially true for senior executives in the public, private and non-profit sectors. A lot of time can be wasted travelling across the country for meetings or visiting other branches of the business. Zambia is a large country and getting between the major cities typically takes half a day; time that is largely unproductive.

Flying with Zamex can get you there in a fraction of the time, and on an itinerary that works for you. Fly-on-demand!

Executive air charter travel in Zambia


Non-governmental Organisations and non-profit organisations do amazing work throughout Africa. Very often their projects are in remote areas that can take days to reach by road because of the sheer distance or the terrain. 

Zamex can fly in key individuals, medical personnel, or urgently required resources. Our aircraft are suitable for landing on dirt airstrips meaning we can get you closer to the action in no time at all.


Childrens Flight


Zamex proudly participated in the Kumbululuka Kwa Bafana event, giving underprivileged children an experience of a lifetime by flying over their beautiful country. Flight For

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We would be delighted to hear from you, answer any questions, and get you booked for a flight!